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With projectors or large screen TV’s, up to 9.2 surround sound systems, and even theater seating, we can bring the movie theater to your home! Our top of the line media technology services will allow you and your family to experience movie theater quality images & sound, in total comfort and convenience.

Stratatech can equip your home with multi-zone audio in every room, so you can listen to your favorite songs with the click of a button on your phone or tablet. Our multi-zone audio systems let you listen to classic jazz in your kitchen, while your kids listen to their favorite pop songs in the basement or by the pool.

Keep your home and family safe with state of the art home security and surveillance systems. Our team of tech pros can design and install a reliable security system that you can control from anywhere at anytime, giving you total peace of mind.

Take control of home comfort with an automated climate control system. Stratatech puts the power in your hands so you can easily change the temperature in every room, from the bedroom to the basement.

Shades and blinds are an aesthetic often overlooked until the end of a project. Let Stratatech show you all the possibilities with automated shades and drapes. they can be programmed to your routine so that you can wake up to the sun on your own schedule and gain the privacy you need once the sun goes down. Even if your routine changes, you can control your shades with a simple touch (or even voice control!).

From interior lighting systems to exterior landscape lighting features, we have the technology to implement and design a user friendly home lighting system that is both automated and completely customized to meet your needs.

Whether new construction, retrofitting during remodeling, or even a commercial or corporate office application, contact Stratatech to get started on your smart technology plan today!

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